When I moved into my first apartment, I remember going to Bloomingdale's with my entire paycheck determined to buy pretty bedding.  Being that I was in a studio apartment, I knew everyone that came to visit me would be able to see my bed so I wanted it to look nice.

I remember buying a floral comforter with light pinks and greens from the Ralph Lauren bedding department.  I bought a set of ivory sheets and a set of sage green sheets so that I could interchange my top sheet.  The bed in the store was shown with the ivory sheets and the sage green top sheet folded perfectly over the floral comforter.  I had to have the exact same look for my new apartment. So when I got home I couldn't wait to make the bed!  Having never used a top sheet before, this was a new look for me.  But this look was something I had to achieve!  The first time I made my bed, I put the ivory fitted sheet on and then came my sage green top sheet. I flung it up in the air to get it as flat as possible when it landed on my bed. When it landed, it was crooked.  I tried again.  When I did it for the second time, it went to the side of my bed! This look I had to achieve was not so easy! Then I threw the top sheet on the bed and moved all around as I straightened it out. Got it. I was sweating at this point but it was on! Then came my comforter. I put the floral Ralph Lauren comforter on my bed and made sure it was straight before I folded the top sheet over the top of the comforter. Done! This seemed like such an incredible effort to make my bed look perfect, but I was determined to make my bed like this every day.  

At some point it occurred to me that this was difficult and time consuming every day and that there had to be a better way.  It was not for a few more years after making my bed every day for several minutes that I came up with my fitted top sheet in my head. I continued to make my bed every day with my top sheet as I thought this finished look was the proper way to make the bed in addition to it being aesthetically pleasing. 

Fast forward a few more years (yes years!) to when I brought my fitted sheet and my flat sheet to the tailor make my prototype! The tailor thought I was crazy as who would want a horizontal seam in the middle of my top sheet? But a few days later my prototype was made. I put my fitted top sheet on the bed, which was the fitted part of a fitted sheet and at the top was the flat top sheet combined. It worked! I couldn't believe it! I knew I was on to something. I brought my prototype, my invention to a patent attorney and waited as he examined my product. He then asked to hold on to it for further research and came back to me with a green flag to go for it!

Knowing I was on to something unique to the bedding market, but having no experience in bedding I felt it was the right decision to license my newly patented product to a bedding company. I was so excited to see it produced properly and test out my product without a seam going through the middle! As it was then shown to stores and sold to them I was so excited to see my idea actually come to life and be used by thousands of people! My sheets were both in store and online and sold out everywhere! Although this was all so new and exciting, the way I had envisioned it was not exactly the way it was coming across. Giving up that creative part was hard for me but I really needed to go with it. So I did for 2 years. After that I decided to part ways with this bedding company I needed to decide which way to go next. After a long break I tried again. There were other options but not necessarily what I was envisioning.  So fast forward to the beginning of Corona virus.  I decided to take my product and manufacture it on my own. My patent, my label, my packaging, my website, my distribution, my marketing, my everything! So here I am with my amazing (I think so) patented fitted top sheet selling directly to you! I am so happy to have gone on this path that brought me to learn the production, selling, distribution, questions, quality control, shipping etc. that I needed to know in order to bring my product back to the market - my way. I am involved in every drop of all of it and I wouldn't have it any other way! 


I really hope you like my product/products as I am going to continue to bring you more! Stay tuned...lots more to come!

get your sheet on!