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peri lauren interiors Bamboo Cotton Sateen Fitted Top Sheet

peri lauren interiors Bamboo Cotton Sateen Fitted Top Sheet

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A Bamboo Cotton Sateen top sheet addition like no other! Our patented perfect every time fitted flat sheet® fitted top sheet not only adds a little color and mix to your bedding, but is so easy to use you will only want to switch out your top sheet for another one of ours! We love adding a different colored top sheet to our white sheet set.  Our patented fitted top sheet is a bedding game changer! The amazing design features a top sheet that is fitted at the bottom by your feet and flat at the top by your head. There is no bending, tucking or measuring ever! Simply wrap the bottom around the corners of your bed and straighten at the top. Kicks off easily in the night if you prefer but will stay on too. There is plenty of foot room so you never have to re-make the bed in the morning!
You will never make your bed with a regular top sheet again! A perfectly made bed, every time! get your sheet on™!

King only

1 top sheet 80 x 85 in (203 x 216 cm) 

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