What is different about your sheets?

- The difference between my patented top sheet and a regular top sheet is that mine is fitted at the bottom by your feet and is flat by the head of your bed.  Don't worry - it's not  tight!  We have made adjustments to the top sheet to accommodate for your feet to have room.  You can also kick the top sheet off if you prefer or leave it on all night.  In the morning, it's just a quick wrap around the corners and straighten at the top - perfect once again - every time!

Can I mix and match my sheets?

- This is something I love! If you usually have white sheets on your bed but want to add a little color, change the top sheet! It's a great look!  I will be adding colors soon!

How do I wash my sheets?

- Please see the care instructions on your sheets.  We recommend machine washing in cold water. Do not bleach. Gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

 How do I use the fitted top sheet?

- When you make your bed first put on your fitted sheet.  Once the fitted sheet is on, it wont come off until wash time!  Take the bottom of your fitted top sheet (the part with the elastic) and wrap it around the foot of each corner of your bed.  Then pull it up to the top.  Depending on how you like your top sheet, the inside seam might be showing.  This is correct if you like to fold your top sheet over your comforter.  If you just like your top sheet pulled straight up, then your seam will not show. So really you can use the fitted top sheet on either side. 

What is included in my set?

- Twin set - 1 fitted sheet, 1 fitted top sheet, 1 standard pillow case

- Full set - 1 fitted sheet, 1 fitted top sheet, 2 standard pillow cases

- Queen set - 1 fitted sheet, 1 fitted top sheet, 2 standard pillow cases

- King set - 1 fitted sheet, 1 fitted top sheet, 2 king pillow cases