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Organic Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

Organic Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

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Our Bamboo Sheets are made from the most silky soft Organic cotton!  Sorry to say you will not want to get out of bed!  When you do, making your bed with the perfect every time fitted flat sheet® will be so easy! Our patented fitted top sheet is a bedding game changer! The amazing design features a top sheet that is fitted at the bottom by your feet and flat at the top by your head. There is no bending, tucking or measuring ever! Simply wrap the bottom around the corners of your bed and straighten at the top. Kicks off easily in the night if you prefer but will stay on too. There is plenty of foot room so you never have to re-make the bed in the morning!
You will never make your bed with a regular top sheet again! A perfectly made bed, every time! get your sheet on™!


Sheet set details:


1 top sheet 41 x 80 in. (104 x 203 cm) 1 fitted sheet 37 x 75 x 15 (94 x 191 x 38 cm) 1 pillow case 21 x 29 in (53 x 73 cm)


1 top sheet 56 x 80 in. (142 x 202 cm) 1 fitted sheet 54 x 75 x 15 in. (137 x 191 x 38 cm) 2 pillow cases 21 x 29 in. (53 x 73 cm)


1 top sheet 92 x 102 in. (157 x 215 cm) 1 fitted sheet 60 x 80 x 15 in. (152 x 203 x 41 cm) 2 pillow cases 21 x 29 in. (53 x 73 cm)


1 top sheet 80 x 85 in (203 x 216 cm) 1 fitted sheet 76 x 80 x 15 in (193 x 203 x 38 cm) 2 pillow cases 21 x 34.5 in (53 x 87 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sandra Pike
The best sheets ever!

The organic bamboo cotton sheets are fabulous! I bought them for the top sheet that is fitted at the bottom, which makes our king bed so much easier to make. But they are as soft and smooth as silk, a delight to slip into! I will re-purchase!

Need more.

Probably the best sheets I’ve ever owned. Wear well, wash well. Easy to make my bed like never before.

Love these sheets

I always got rid of my top sheet because they are so hard to make the bed with. This is great. Elastic corners and my feet have room. A must buy.

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